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Philippines is Sikat as Tourist Spot

Philippines is Sikat or should I say widespread in tourist spot. Around the archipelago of the Philippines the creator gave us the place to describe that he is existing. A beyond other places can compare in this tourist spot. Sikat ang Pinoy are giving the great view for all the tourist spot here in the Philippines

Sikat ang Pinoy portal serves a great venue for the tourist to see all the god’s wonder view in very cheap trip vacation. That’s why many tourist are going to the Philippines because of that reasonable culture. It’s also added to the pride of the sikat ang pinoy to show his country as one of the most visited tourist spot in the whole world.

Philippines are one of the busiest country when it comes to tourist. Philippines is sikat in accepting vacationist and offer a warmth welcome and very cheap trip


Flower of Baguio City

Wright Park, Baguio Philippines

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Davao Tourist Spot

Then there are the unique dive sites around Samal and its partner-island, Talicud, in the Davao Gulf. Among Davao tourist spots that have been capturing the imagination of adventurers the world over are unique deep sea marvels like Angels Cove, Mushroom Rock, and Mansud Wall around Talicud. Around Samal there are Pinnacle Point and Ligid caves, among others. In Davao del Sur there are Balut and Sarangani Islands, while Davao Oriental has San Isidro.

Samal Island doesn’t only have dive sites but pristine white-sand beachfronts as well. These Davao tourist spots are where several posh and world-class beach and dive resorts have taken residence. The famous Pearl Farm is there which is one of many quality resorts. Beaches around Samal mostly have gentle sea waves and breezes, being protected by natural barriers that surround the Davao Gulf.

Bohol Beach Club

Famous Tourist Spots in Bohol

This province is home to many of the most famous and attractive tourist destinations in the Philippines, Bohol also has many beautiful and fascinating resorts and beaches. Which is why the tourism industry contributes a lot to the economic development in Bohol province. One of the best  tourist spots for a nice island BBQ or picnic is the beautiful Virgin Island off the coast of Panglao. There are no places to stay on Virgin Island but numerous tour operators arrange daily trips out to the island.

Mag-Aso Fallsthe Mag-aso falls, which is located at Antequera as well as the Bilar Mahogany Forest.Each year the number of travelers who visit Bohol increases. This is due to the attractive tourist spots and natural wonders that can be found in the province. Meanwhile, many tourists also visit the popular rivers in the province which are the Loboc River with it’s river cruises and floating restaurants with a small band playing for you while you eat and enjoy the beautiful view of the rivercruise being one of the main attractions for many tourists.

the biggest bell in the world

Russia’s famous Tsar-Kolokol is the biggest bell in the world, of course, but it is broken. Apart from that, if you inspect our list of bells larger than 1,000 puds (36,000 lbs, or about 18 metric tons or more), you’ll probably be surprised to see that the world’s biggest working bells are not in Russia, but in Burma, Korea, and Japan. Another is under water, but there has lately been some talk of trying to locate and raise it. Yet another was lost in World War II. Only then, sixth or seventh down the list, do we find Trinity-Sergius Lavra’s “Tsarsky Kolokol”, or “Royal Bell”.

One day we hope to tell more about Asia’s fascinating bells, but it’s interesting to compare what we’ve been able to learn so far, with the Russian giant:
Dhammazedi Bell, largest bell on the planet     Mingun Bell, the largest ringing bell in the world     Tsar Bell-III, the third-largest bell on earth
The Great Sunken Bell of Dhammazedi and site as tourist spot attraction in every part of the world

Davao Island

It is the hub of commerce and industry in the Southern Mindanao region. And the tourist spot in capiz Yet, to this day, Davao City continues to straddle two worlds – the new and the old.

Part of it is a flourishing metropolis of business districts, mechanized farms and cosmopolitan villages where “instant millionaires” live. And the other part is a rural landscape of hills that roll down into fertile valleys, dominated by the 2,954-meter-high Mount Apo, the grandfather of all Philippine mountains, and peopled by the Bagobo, Manobo, Mandaya, Bilaan and other ancestral tribes.

The Olutayan Island

Olotayan island is composed of four (4) different sitios: Puting Balas, Look, Sawang and Capaculan. Majority of the people in the island lives within Sawang and Capaculan. The most popular among this is Puting Balas,  where Olotayan Beach Resort is located. It could be found in the south-western part of the island. And the tourist spot in capiz Puting Balas 100 meters shoreline is made up of white corals, shells and white sand. This is an excellent beach for sunrise or a picnic lunch and a very scenic or picturesque beach location.

Samal Island Shoreline

Are you tired of seeing the busy streets in your place, start to feel bored coz of word pressure yet desires to be in a place where peace and tranquility can be felt? Its time to visit Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte Philippines.

The Island of Samal(Island Garden City of Samal) is one of the best visited island in Mindanao and now the fastest growing tourist destination in the Philippines.

Manila Church

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